Start-Up Track

The Start Up track offered input and exchange of experiences to the following questions:

  • How do I finance my start-up without selling myself?
  • How do I move from management to self-management?
  • How can I success and remain independent without an exit or IPO?


Waschbär and Colsman KG – Topic: Succession. Succession in Family Business 2.0. – Values and ability – instead of blood – relations as guiding principles

Voelkel and Sorpetaler Fensterbau – Steward-ownership and family. How can family and new ownership work together?

Elobau and Schmidt-Gevelsberg – Foundation ownership as a solution for SMEs


Thomas Jorberg – Keynote: Why banks should care about corporate ownership – and how to finance new ownership forms.

Panel: What are the paths for financing steward-owned
companies? Private equity, loans, buy-outs, start-up financing.

Presentation of Purpose vehicles and bank financing with: Albert Wenger, Thomas Jorberg, Cornelia Roeckl, Armin Steuernagel, Daniel von Moltke

Albert Wenger: Why the Digital Economy is calling for new forms of ownership

Steen Thomsen – Companies that belong to themselves – Foundation owned companies: how these forms of ownership can make companies more successful

Expert Clinics

In expert clinics, participants had the opportunity, to answers to specific questions from companies, investors, and lawyers.