The question of succession

In workshops and keynote speeches, you, as a young company, can learn from other start-ups how the right ownership structure can anchor your company’s values into its legal DNA. You’ll get input and learn from other’s experiences on the following question:

  • How do I finance my start-up without selling myself?
  • How do I move from management to self-management?
  • How can I success and remain independent without an exit or IPO?

Reports will feature CEOs and founders of, Sharetribe, Soulbottles and well-known investors such as Albert Wenger (Union Square Venture).


Waschbär and Colsman KG – Topic: Succession. Succession in Family Business 2.0. – Values and ability – instead of blood – relations as guiding principles

Voelkel and Sorpetaler Fensterbau – Steward-ownership and family. How can family and new ownership work together?

Elobau and Schmidt-GevelsbergFoundation ownership as a solution for SMEs


Keynote: Thomas JorbergWhy banks should care about corporate ownership – and how to finance new ownership forms.

Panel: What are the paths for financing steward-owned
companies? Private equity, loans, buy-outs, start-up financing.

Presentation of Purpose vehicles and bank financing with: Albert Wenger, Thomas Jorberg, Cornelia Roeckl, Armin Steuernagel, Daniel von Moltke

Albert Wenger: Why the Digital Economy is calling for new forms of ownership

Steen Thomsen – Companies that belong to themselves – Foundation owned companies: how these forms of ownership can make companies more successful

Expert Clinics

In expert clinics you’ll have the opportunity to get input on your specific questions with companies, investors, and lawyers.